Instructions for Authors and Speakers

As usual, GREC very much focuses on discussions, exchanges and interactions. Presenters may therefore find the following guidelines interesting, since they may have an impact on how they will want to present their work.

Sessions will have short scientific presentations, but leave extended time to questions & answers, discussion and debate. Presentations themselves should therefore to focus on the more essential contributions of the work.

Each session is organized as follows (cf. detailed program):

  1. Sessions have one chairperson.
  2. The chairperson introduce quickly the session.
  3. Each participant presents his/her talk in 15 minutes.
    It is recommended for presenters to use the first slide to present themselves briefly to the audience (origins, main research interests preferably with an original/dynamic twist, if possible).
  4. There are no question-answers between the presentations.
    After the presentations, all speakers of the session participate in an open panel discussion between them and the GREC attendees. These panel discussions may include short technical questions related to the presented papers, but usually take a broader angle of discussion and often analyze how the presented work fits in the global framework of the session’s topic.

In order to ensure that each session is dynamic, interactive and productive, all the participants are encouraged to contribute actively to the panel discussions .

We thank all the contributors for keeping GREC the stimulating event it has always been.